How Do I Get the Perfect Nose Job?

I only want to do this once, so how can I make sure that I get the perfect nose job?

If you take a moment to think about it, that is actually a very astute question. Even though the initial premise of being determined to get it right the first time would seem to be obvious, that is not the way far too many individuals approach rhinoplasty. The “how do I get the perfect nose job” part of our question is not as simplistic as it may sound. In fact, it has two very important parts; seeking a successful procedure and determining what is actually the perfect nose.

Without mitigating circumstances that make it unrealistic, the goal of any surgery, rhinoplasty or otherwise, should be to do it one time and get it right. That said, it is unlikely that there will ever come a day when surgical procedures are flawless. With nose surgery, some of the more common reasons that revision rhinoplasty may be required are breathing issues that are the result of weakened nasal structures, depressions and asymmetries that become apparent as the swelling goes down and lack of sufficient support for the nasal tip, causing it to droop. There can also be healing issues resulting from the patient not properly following post-op instructions.

One of the most common reasons for secondary or revision surgeries is due to the patient’s expectations not matching what is revealed when the bandages come off and the swelling is gone. This is almost always because of a lack of clear communication between the patient and the surgeon prior to the procedure. Starting with the initial consultation, it cannot be overly stressed how imperative it is that the client know and communicate exactly what is hoped for and the surgeon explain what is possible and, perhaps even more important, what is not possible.

Finding a highly-skilled and experienced surgeon and communicating expectations takes care of everything in our original question except for determining what exactly is the perfect nose. There can be as many answers to this as there are people asking the question. Not only that, but the image that comes to mind when thinking about perfection with regard to physical attributes changes from one part of the world to another and from one period in time to another.

You may believe that your favorite celebrity has the perfect nose and have your heart set on duplicating it for yourself. Chances are, a skilled surgeon could do that for you — but an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon would discourage it. There really is only one definition for “the perfect nose” and that is the one that looks the most natural for each individual. That is the choice that will bring you the most satisfaction and confidence in the long run.

It should be your goal to get it right the first time. To increase your odds of making that happen, it is important to do your homework. Make sure you are clear and realistic in your expectations. Find the most experienced and skillful surgeon available. Communicate your goals and listen carefully during the consultation. Do that and you just might end up with the nose that truly is perfect for you.